Art Posters -

I began printing posters as an economical alternative to fine art prints, allowing anyone to have beautiful artwork in their home or office. I soon found that posters can be an art form themselves. After much refining of the design and printing process we now produce prints that far exceed common mass-produced, mass-market art posters in appearance, quality, and durability.

Every poster is printed in my studio in small quantities on heavy satin-finished Kodak photographic paper using archival pigment inks, similar to oil or acrylic paints. Each one is spray varnished with an environmentally safe acrylic. This produces posters that have tremendous detail, depth, and color, along with great fade resistance and durability. They can be displayed without glass (although they will have a longer life if framed behind glass). This combination of paper and ink has been rated for fade-free display for greater than 30 years (and the Kodak testing is still running). By comparison, a typical offset produced poster will begin fading within months.

Choose posters from among a number of collections and themes including Natural Beauty, Inspirational and Motivational, The Environment, Wild Travel, and Wildlife Portraits. All images on our Note Cards are also available as posters. Each poster is 25"x17" in size, unless otherwise noted in the Gallery.

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