Site Layout
This site contains three major elements that function as independent sites linked together. The Stock Image Catalog is a searchable database containing thousands of images, the Print Catalog is an e-commerce system for viewing and ordering printed artwork, and the Main Pages provide information and links to the other sections.

Windows and Navigation
Many items open in their own new window. This allows easy access between related items, but can result in having too many browser windows open at once. You may need to close windows as you finish with them, particularly if new images are loading slowly.

Stock Images
The stock » button will open a new window containing the Stock Image Catalog, a searchable database of images for publication. Images can found through keyword searches and several other methods. Click here to view a searchable STOCKLIST.

Print Gallery
The gallery » page provides links to the Print Catalog for viewing and ordering fine art prints, note cards, posters, commercial decor prints, and books. Information about printing methods, image quality, limited editions, and custom printing can be found from the gallery page.

Services and Seminars
Go to the services » page for information and links on photography tours and workshops, custom design and printing services, custom scans, Photoshop services, and assignments.

Go to the portfolios » page for links to portfolios (with further links to the Stock Image Catalog), photo essays, slide shows, and photographer's bio.

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